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Art Supplies 

Looking for art supplies to use at home or gift ideas? Here are some suggestions for supplies we use at the studio!
 *links to products give a percentage back to the studio*

Easels - At the studio we use table top easels, which allow students to have proper posture when drawing or painting. They are also perfect for transportation and can be taken anywhere! 

Art Frames - Here is a good way to not only display art but also to store it too! 

Watercolors - 
Advanced Watercolors - 

Soft pastels
Oil Pastels - 
Advanced Colored

Toddler Art -  Art is such an important aspect in every stage of life - especially for beginner art trying to learn about color and fine motor skills! Here are some tools to help get your child ready to explore art, color & shapes!

Color Sorting
Bumblebee Color Game: students love sorting the little colored bees into their hives. This is a perfect tool to help students not only use their fine motor skills but also recognizing color! - 
Dinosaur Color Game: students will love sorting these different colored dinosaurs into the right colored bowl! -
Rainbow Color Organizer: Students will design a rainbow using pom-poms. This helps them with fine motor skills! - 

Learning Shapes 
Shape Sorting: students will learn all about shapes
by sorting them to the right color box
shape box! -
Shape Puzzle Ga
me: Students will create animals and objects out of shapes. This allows them to easily do step by step break downs when they eventually start drawing! -

Painting - Painting with toddlers can get messy that's why I think these water books are a perfect way to introduce a brush and painting! Mess free art that is reusable
Here are some different themed books-
Bluey Book: 
Animal Book:
Dinosaur Book:
Mermaid Ocean Book:


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