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It all started with a Spark...


Cierra Campbell 
Founder of Bluebird Art Studios

If you would like to learn more about me and my art you can visit my website here.

I have always had this dream to share my passion for art with the world. I never knew how far it would go but I told myself, "If at least one soul was moved in some way by my art then I have accomplished my goal."

I always considered myself as an artist and growing up, art was so important in my life. It was my way of expressing and creating.

After getting a degree in film animation, I became a studio instructor. I taught ages 4 through adults at an art studio in Southern California. It was then that I found great peace and happiness. To be able to share my great love for art with children was the most satisfying.


I got a job offer as an art director for a private school in Tulsa, OK. While teaching in a school setting I grew tired of many schools taking art out of their curriculum and replacing it with "crafts" or none at all. Children had no access to art lessons or art history. Art is such a fundamental learning experience for children. Thats when I began to have a stirring in my heart to build an art studio where any child who desires creativity is welcomed. I wanted a place where children will not only grow as artists but as people and that is when Bluebird Art Studios was born. 

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